Social Footprint

Africa Interactive is a social business venture. Indeed, whilst we are a commercial enterprise, we consider our social values just as important. These values include:

  •    Providing work for local media talent in developing countries, fragile states and emerging  markets

  •    Developing the technical skills of local talent

  •    Providing a respectful and balanced view of culture through a local lens

  •    Bolster economies by working with locals throughout the production process (car hire/drivers/catering etc.)

Over the last 10 years, we have meticulously searched the corners of the earth for the highest quality of locally based talent. Approximately 3,300 media professionals in over 90 countries are currently in our database. The crews we work with also act as a source of ‘insiders’ knowledge, essential for a production in a remote area with a quick turnaround time.

Working with local talent and not flying in western crews, allows us not only to be kinder to the environment, but also work with more speed and cost efficiency. This approach is highly unique in the world of video production. Ever more frequently, we are asked about the impact of our unique approach and we feel that that being a social business venture we need to provide some insight into the mechanics of our social footprint. Although we are currently in the process of measuring our impact more structurally, here are some figures to give you an idea:

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* We used an average distance per assignment and calculated on the assumption that otherwise western crews would have been flown in Almost 28 thousand trees would be needed for a year to compensate for this CO2 emission. Amounts mentioned here are based on calculator of