A Week with Philips

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Sometimes things fall apart and sometimes things come together; this came together for sure.

For many years we have been covering the Cape to Cairo Philips tours. This year they landed Nairobi to open the newly refurbished ICU at Machakos Hospital which is fully equipped by Philips where the Kenyan President, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta cut the ribbon and the next day another hospital opening took place, in Kiambu County with the Kiambu Governor holding the scissors.

Philips had also planned a great launch of their latest products at the glamorous Kempinski Hotel.

We filmed the events and as a trial for us we had an onsite editing team and within 4 hours Philips had a clip to use for their social media campaigns.

Two days later we were filming in the Nairobi Slum of Mathare for Philips lighting. Philips did a great project about a year ago where they have illuminated a full soccer field with solar lights and of course the aspirations and hopes ran very high.

We filmed Philips representatives, KNVB and government officials together with the kids from  Mathare who were eager to start playing.

Now… a year later, we went back to check the long term effects and the result of the lighting program was amazing. Every evening people flock the soccer field to play, there are also kids doing their homework under the solar lights, there are men selling fruits and ice creams, in the Philips container is a small barbershop that runs till 11pm and there is a shop selling solar lights too, ladies going for Yoga at 10pm after the soccer match is over.

That is unheard of; an emancipated women that doesn’t have to sit at home in the dark anymore, but go out in what once was one of the most dangerous slums in the world… all thanks to solar lights.But most impressive: on and around the soccer field the crime rate went down 60%. This is still a slum and is still not completely safe.

It is easy to make this into a great film, all smiling faces… it’s too bad we had to cut it to only 3 minutes; it would be eye candy for a longer film.

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Shared Office Space Available (Nairobi)


Now in Africa too it is getting more common to share office spaces. The benefits are clear: a dedicated space where likeminded people are working independently, where they can inspire and reflect and possibly even share business.

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Launch of our film: “Deaf Role Models in Africa: Kenya”

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Last week was finally our launch of this ground breaking film. At the campus of the University of Nairobi over 300 people showed up, in the presence of Mrs Stijntje Jansen from the Netherlands Embassy and the representatives from various ministries and social organisations.

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MapAfrica launch video for the African Development Bank

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Recently we produced a launch video for the African Development Bank (AfDB) about their new new online data tool MapAfrica. The video was used during the presentation of the website during the annual meeting of the AfDB in Kigali, Rwanda. MapAfrica is interactive platform that maps the locations of the Bank’s investments in Africa.

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Across the developing world, more and more companies are investing in sustainable business practices. For the third consecutive year, we have produced videos for FMO Development Bank, to show case some of these initivatives for their annual report.

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